Christian Education

We provide a thoroughly Christian education, teaching all subjects within a biblical worldview. Our leadership and faculty our committed Christians that strive to glorify Christ in all things, especially in teaching.

Classical Tradition

Our educational operation coincides with the model of the Trivium, utilizing the liberal arts to teach the tools of learning according to the developmental age of the students in order to effectively equip and encourage successful lifelong learners.

Rigorous Curriculum

Our curriculum emphasizes the classical liberal arts, but incorporates modern cultural subjects to properly equip each student for success. Our pedagogue methods are challenging, enabling students to successfully progress from knowledge to understanding, and finally to wisdom.

Integrated Approach

Faith and learning are integrated throughout our entire curriculum with the notion that all truth is God's truth. Various disciplines are also integrated within our courses of study based on common content, themes, and events helping students to gain a broad and in depth understanding of a specific subject.

Holistic Instruction

Students not only receive academic training through our program, but they also receive athletic training in team and individual sports activities as well as training in the fine arts of music, art, and drama - all taught from a Christian perspective.

Exceptional Faculty

Our faculty are highly credentialed and experienced in Christian education. They are degreed in their areas of instruction, certified under scrutinizing standards, career educators and lifelong learners devoted to Christ and his commission to make disciples.

Christ-like Discipleship

Mentoring relationships are essential in developing the mind and character of Christ in each student. We treat every moment as a teachable moment, looking for every opportunity to be transformed by the renewing of our minds for the cause of Christ.

Parent Partnerships

Our role is to come alongside parents to offer assistance, training, counsel, and moral support in their God given role to disciple their children to love God with their entire beings and to love others as themselves.