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The Connection School has engaging academics which includes the following qualities:

  • Integrated subjects; learning focused on process, not product
  • Training in service and leadership
  • Core courses transferable to other schools
  • Elementary program utilizing literature and phonics based Reading and Writing
  • Language development using Latin, Greek, and Spanish
  • Foundations of World History and American History
  • Conceptual and skills based Mathematics and Science
  • Secondary program utilizing a holistic approach for advanced study in Logic, Rhetoric, Biblical Studies, Theology, and Apologetics

General Revelation & The Seven Liberal Arts

General Revelation relates to creation itself and how it reveals God’s mighty acts, sovereignty and glory through His creation. Therefore, the traditional academic disciplines, when taught in a Christian context, are vehicles for understanding the magnitude and mighty acts of God and are formative in that they require patience and discipline. Within this context the arts and sciences are therefore, spiritually formative and open to God’s truth wherever it is found because all truth is God’s truth when pursuing formal academic study.

Formal academic study has traditionally been divided into two broad categories: the Trivium (verbal arts of grammar, logic, and rhetoric) and the Quadrivium (mathematical or physical arts of arithmetic, astronomy, geometry, and music) making up the Seven Liberal Arts.