Enrollment Options

4-Day and 5-Day Enrollment

The Connection School has a core distinctive value which honors the importance of partnering with parents, as home and school stay connected in the education of its students. While High School will operate on a five-day instructional week Monday through Friday, K-7th grades will operate on a four-day instructional week with the option to enroll in Friday school. One unique opportunity TCS offers is the use of Friday for extending the student’s overall educational experience, either at home or at school, in a way that complements and enriches what the student has received during the regular course of instruction at school Monday through Thursday.

There are three main goals for Fridays:

    1. To allow students time for contemplation, reflection, observation, and review, which are vital to learning and growth
    2. To cultivate a heart for serving and missions within the students. We do this by providing experiences as well as time to discover individual talents and gifts.
    3. To allow time for students to complete all school-related work on Friday, so that time over the weekend can be protected for spending with family and family planned activities.

While we incorporate all of this during the four-day instructional week, we reserve Fridays to focus intently on carrying out these specific goals whether they are led by faculty while at school or are led by parents while at home.

Part-Time Enrollment

In addition, we offer part-time classes for parents who choose to educate their children primarily at home. Students may be enrolled in up to 3 classes or subject areas on a part-time basis. Part-time students are still welcome to play athletics and join their classes for lunch, chapel, field trips, and school special events.

Athletics Only

We extend the opportunity to homeschool students in grades 6-12 to participate in our athletics programs without having to be enrolled in as a student in our academic program.