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Important Update to Our Admissions Process Due to COVID-19

Effective immediately and remaining in effect during the time of the temporary school closure related to COVID-19, The Connection School will conduct its admissions procedures remotely.
The admissions and enrollment processes for 2020-2021 school year will proceed with the following specific adjustments:

  • All previously scheduled in-person admissions events such as Open Houses and Preview Days are cancelled until further notice.
  • In-person meetings will not be held during this time and communications will instead be restricted to phone calls, video conference, or email correspondence. This applies to interest meetings, family interviews, and informal assessment reviews.
  • In-person campus tours will not be available during the temporary school closure.
  • The new student application and enrollment process is still open but only available online.
  • Application documents and records may only be submitted to the school digitally via online application and enrollment forms, email (admissions@tcsoh.org), or fax (1-855-286-3088).
  • Informal assessments may be provided by the school to be completed under the supervision of the parent at home and returned for review. A teacher-student conference may be required as part of the remote modifications to the informal assessment.
  • Parent interviews will be conducted through video conferences using Google Meet (which will not require additional software or account logins)
  • New student acceptance may be granted on a provisional basis pending further actions to confirm acceptance due to the lack of information gained during the modified remote admissions process.

Here’s what you can expect if you are interested in applying to or already have applied to The Connection School for the 2020-2021 school year:

  1. Contact the school for more information at 832-544-6031 or info@tcsoh.org / admissions@tcsoh.org. Someone will reach out to you soon after and answer any questions you may have. You may also visit the Admissions section of our website for more information about our admissions process, FAQs, tuition and fees, and other information.
  2. You may apply online via our school website by clicking on the blue “Apply Now” button here
  3. Once you submit your online application, someone will contact you about the following:
    • Submitting any records or documentation that may not have been included with the application such as recommendation forms, birth certificates, previous school records etc.
    • Discuss the procedure for conducting the informal assessment
    • Scheduling a phone or video call for the parent interview
  4. Upon completion of the application, parent interview, and informal assessment, someone will contact you to notify you of our acceptance decision
  5. If accepted, you will be invited to complete an online enrollment form where you will be asked to provide more information, health documents, and set up a payment plan for tuition
  6. You will then be included on all correspondence related to preparing for the new school year.
Please reach out if you have any questions about this new process or if you would like more information about our school. If you have already applied, expect someone to reach out to you soon to discuss the next steps of the process.