What does mentorship mean at TCS?

A mentor is a guide, someone with age and experience who imparts wisdom. A mentor’s student or “mentee” is typically younger, lacking experience and/or maturity. Long before Life Coaches became trendy, teachers saw themselves as masters and mentors and their students as apprentices. Those in Classical Education assume that a teacher is more like a Mentor in Virtue and a Master of Skill. This is because Classical Education claims to do things like train a student’s heart as well as his mind. Accordingly, The Connection School sees Mentorship as part of its vision.

Paula LeCompte Kindergarten

Here are 3 ways TCS provides Mentorship to Students:

1. As Part of a Group -- Students are mentored as members of their respective groups. For example, High School students attend retreats and service work days around Cypress. Here, students learn to function as a group and complete difficult work together. Hard work done together in service to others is an act of Virtue. Thus, students are Mentored in Virtue on such occasions. Students are also mentored as a group with TCS liturgies and traditions, including Chapel Buddy Groups, in which older students meet with younger students during Chapel to socialize and discuss Scripture passages. 

2. As Individuals -- TCS teachers do their best to know individual students’ needs and backgrounds and teach accordingly. In secondary humanities class, students have multiple opportunities to reflect on their individual growth in life and faith. 

3. In Partnership with Families  -- No Christian school could take the place of a family or Church. TCS recognizes this and provides tools for TCS parents. This has included parent book studies and subscriptions for parents such as RightNow Media.  

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